S*Spin Engine's Norwegian Forestcats



Welcome to Spin Engine´s  household

I have been interested in animals since I began to speak. I have transferred my interest and love towards dogs and cats to my nearly grown up children. My daughter and I began to breed Norwegian forestcats in the year 2004. Our old grand lady "Ellis" is the ruler in our  family. though she competes with "Sillen" about it.

We are nowadays only three humans living in our house together with  our cats and our newest familymember is a German Sheepdog called Sisu.



We sometimes have kittens and our aim is to breed excellent tempered and sociable cats.

Our “dream cat” shall also have “the special wild look”;

large and strongboned, straight profiled and tringular head, the longer hind legs and the tuftsboth inside and on the top of the ears.

Nothing less and nothing more than a handsome, social and

healthy Norwegian Forestcat is our goal.




On this homepage you can se news, pictures on our cats, see exhibitons and result, available kittens, contact us and see whats up.....




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