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Cat show : Våle, Norway 21-22 mars 2015


IC Morphix Milou got a NOM and went Grand International Champion and CH PT Vevelstad V Rod Muscle went International Champion and got his first CAGCIB.

PR GIC S*Spin Engine's Gold X went Nominated to Best in Show both days!



Not ready




12 June

A few new photos of our oldest kittens  7 weeks old and some of the youngest one, 3 weeks old.


7 June

A bit late, 'cause my daughter took her med. exam last weekend, but here are new photos of our kittens! They are now playing around and try to play with Aramais jr, but he is so fat, so he has problem to move his paws.

We also visited Wilma and Art Deco who lives with Helena in Umeå.


28 May

New photos of Softail, Rocker and Switchback 5 weeks. Rocker has now clear sight as well as her two brothers.

Aramais, one week old, has steady developed, he is the king in the (milk) bar every night and day.


22 May

New photos of the litters 39 and 40!


15 May

New photos  of our kittens 3 weeks old. Little Uvinza opened her eyes far to early so we're waiting for her tear canals to develop completely. But all of them are doing great.


6 May

HD Shadow litter 2 weeks tomorrow!

New photos of today. We have also uppdated litter 38 and 37 as well as our slide show.


30 April 2016

We're happy to say that we've got kittens again and not less since the mother is Moonshadow.

The  kittens got their names from both their mum and dad.

Today  they are one week old - for a good look at them and their names - click the ¨Kittens¨ bar!


23 mars 2015

We came home safe and sound from Våle and in our package we got two ¨eggs¨ as a present to our cats. They have used them today and it seems like they love to rest in them.


9th February 2015

A new year is here since a month ago!

We have been to Nerikes Cat show with some of our cats.


9th December 2014

We proudly present our four Beskow kittens, DoB 28th August 2014, 3 boys and one girl.


24 June 2014

New photos of Litter Hawaii 4-0 including Waimea (booked), Mauna Kea Ice (booked), Milolii and Koazi 8 weeks old.


16 June 2014

New photos of the Hawaii 4-0 kittens, one girl and three boys.

And SE*Laubjerges Agatha Christie has slowly recovered from her illness and her "Precious Metal kittens" grew rapidly.


31 May 2014

We proudly present our litter Precious Metal, born the 26th of May and also new photos of

Classic Antique litter.


27 May 2014

New photos of Pebbles, Bambam, Wilma, Betty and Barney tomorrow eleven weeks old.


20 Mars 2014:

Many things has happened. PT Vevelstad V Rod Muscle "Harley" boy is here!  Taxman has become Champion.


16 September 2013:

New e-mail adress


10 August 2013:

Our new familymember arrived from Italy;

Vevelstad Under That Spell (Unni), NFO as 24.

Many thanks to Rui who let us have this selfconfident and lovely kitten!


7 July 2013:

Our Mwanza went Supreme Champion!









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