S*Spin Engine's Norwegian Forestcats

Wheel of Time - Litter 27


Another happening or surprise did happened the 10th of May 2013, Spin Engine's Charlotta, red  harlequin and odd eyed gave birth to five kittens. Two of them smaller and weaker than the rest  so one gave up this life after 24 hours. For now, the litter contains of two handsome boys and two sweet girls, all of them red classic tabby with white, NFO d 09 22 and  "still going strong".

Their father is S*Spin Engine's Morphix Milou e 22 but more probably ambercréme.


Perrin Aybara, sold

Kristinehamn, Sweden

Nynaere al Meara sold Fägre, Sweden

Egwene al Vere, sold Örebro, Sweden